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Mail To: Cashier Texas Workforce Commission P.O. Box 149037 Austin, TX 78714-9037 512.463.2731 Register Online at www.texasworkforce.org STATUS REPORT THIS REPORT IS REQUIRED OF EVERY EMPLOYING UNIT,
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. What is your name and employment? 2. Have you been employed by this office before? 3. Have you ever worked on the farm or ranch that the employer has? 4. Did anyone work with you before? 5. Have you ever worked outside of your field of employment? 6. Have any of your children or other family members worked at any farm or ranch before? 7. Were your family and friends from the State of Texas? 8. If your employer is a Federal Agency, did they ever receive your Social Security Number? If yes, who received the number? 9. Were your employment records or employment history maintained by the employer? The employer? Your manager? 10. Did any of your family or children work at an agricultural work assignment related to your field of employment before? 11. Were you ever a member of the military? If yes, what branch of the military? 12. How long have you worked at your current job? 13. Are you interested in returning to work at this employer? 14. Do you work alone or with other people in your family? If you work with other men, please describe your jobs. 15. Were you fired or discharged from your previous job? If yes, why? If no, what was the reason and when it occurred? 16. If your employer fired or discharged you because you are a member of the military, how many days did you last work at that job? 17. Have you ever been charged with theft or fraud? (see questions 6-8) 18. What was your prior job in addition to your current position? 18. Have you ever received any awards or awards for service after the last time you were listed in this report? If no, what is your last military award? 19. You have completed the employment history (section 2) and need an employment verification form. You must present this form at any of the employment sites. The form is available for $.50. If you have filed a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission, you will need an employment verification. The form is $8.00. You must present this form at any of the employment sites. The form is available for $.50. If you have not filed a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission, you must complete the form or payment will not be honored. 20. Are you eligible to work? 21. You must present ONE FORM FOR EACH of the following: 1. Have you ever received any money or other property from the employer? 2. Have you ever received
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In this podcast, we’ll introduce you to the Texas Workforce Commission and its scope of services. The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is a partner in the Texas Workforce Solutions system, which encompasses TWC’s partnership with the 28 Local Workforce Development Boards, Board staff, and Board Service Provider/Contractor staff, as well as other partners including other state agencies. Together we work to promote and support a workforce system that creates value and offers employers, individuals, and communities the opportunity to achieve and sustain the economic prosperity. The Texas Workforce Solutions System includes 28 Workforce Development Boards, which together make up Texas Workforce Solutions. Local Workforce Solutions Offices number approximately 200 located throughout the state. Last year, Texas Workforce Solutions assisted job seekers in making nearly 1.1 million new employment connections, and directly served nearly 90,000 employers. As the primary oversight agency for the Texas Workforce Solutions System in the state, some responsibilities of the Texas Workforce Commission include: • Oversight of statewide workforce development activities. • Assurance of compliance with statutes and regulations. • Evaluation of Board oversight capacity and fiscal integrity. • Board performance measurement and target negotiation. • Review of Board member nominees and their approval. • Technical assistance and policy guidance. • Training and development. • Allocation of federal and state funds and grant resources. • Coordination with state-level agencies and initiatives. • Research and evaluation. • Administration of Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, taxes, and trust funds. • Enforcement of wage payment and child labor laws. • Certification of Workforce Solutions Offices. • Automated management information system support via The Workforce Information System of Texas (TWIST). • Contract execution, management, and monitoring. • Surveying and reporting of employment statistics. • Development of Labor Market and Career Information (LOCI). • Maintenance and enhancement of WorkInTexas.com, TWC’s online job matching system. Workforce Development — TWC is responsible for overseeing workforce development programs and initiatives, which provide a wide variety of services that support customers. Workforce development services include the support of a market-driven, integrated system that consolidates employment, job training, and work-related services, including the regulation of career schools and colleges. Federal legislation requires that Workforce Solutions Offices provide labor market information to customers. This includes data about occupations and industries in demand, both statewide and at the local level, and other information about labor market trends and economic conditions that help customers make informed choices. In order to design service delivery strategies and assess the needs among businesses and other customers, it is critical to...
What is texas workforce commission report?
TWC provides the Employer's Quarterly Report (Form C-3) quarterly, by mail, only to those employers who are not required to file electronically. Once you file online, Form C-3 will no longer be mailed to you.
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